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Just enjoy a quiet life, Kids, toys,  hobbies  and wine and beer and now by-products-of off such products since 2005! as usual . Anyway: a one liner diary of events- read from bottom up as in FB...


13 march

bench tested Portable Vineyard Shiraz, decided to blend some with Longford Shiraz- not that much better but PVS is a little bit too volatile straight, needed to be diluted. 18 bottles of Blend and 24 of LFS

5 march

Bottled Longford Shiraz- forty five bottles! as of 10 March, 2 given away, and 3 consumed at half a bottle a day- so peppery and nice! Will sell a dozen for 100 bucks, any takers?

Well, here we are 2011. Added and Taken away from the site all the Easter pages, now over on Picassa via blog the site here

Not kept this up! The PV is taking over the garden corner. A new planting of English Box for a new front path border has been done.
We have had Diana and Peter and Demps over a few times while they were home. They are building a new place 2011.

1/10 may have to edit down the Gurk and Tag pics, at the limit of the site capacity, but pics still available, and may set up a picassa site like Patch has. meanwhile will be updateing stuff on the blogospheric sites too.

23/9 another veeheekal, with accessories

7/9 OMG been a few weeks. Anyway, the folks had their 50th anniversary the other week, The Portable Vineyard has buds everywhere, the 1Sept!! Got some new plants for the farden, and gotten into Blogging. Here for Life Lessons and Here for raising kids.

14/8 Been blogging and website updating and making the weather monitor work even 'so much better', and fixing the fridge, messing work up, not studying nor completing the tasks. Busy. And another 12 litres of middling vodka, just triple filtering before distilling it again to make some bundy and lemonilla.
2/8  Taking a while to get this straightened out- new pc, updated programs, blahdebladeblah, should be working now?
26/7     Another gap- however,  a Tax Man slipped extra in the hand- so upgraded to a 2 year old PC, faster, running awin7pro too, veri noice, added another old screen to it- whoo, The Acreage is just great. Took three days to get back to where I am comfortable- and added Weather Monitoring to the site here, System and other local weather monitors.

20/7 !!!! A gap. How slack is that- anyway Griff Rhys Jones has shown me the Scout Hotel in Honkers. So now I will post some old scout pics. here. A first date with Lisa. Last weekend was a 18th Party for Alexander... See face book references...

5/6 Updated this site (wells) and the LinkedIn page
4/6 49th Birthday. hmmmm. Joined LinkedIn, so another CV is out in the Ether.
5/5 The Brookes dropped in , a little drive from Croydon to Seaspray, and coffee with us.

17/4 The Noonans dropped in for the weegen, few drops drunk, including nice Sparkling Shiraz 02 and 08
10/4 New project while waiting for Longford Shiraz to ferment out- All the wells I have ever been Google Earthed- see the carbon footprint
5/4 picked Longford Shiraz, added yeast next day
2/4 Off to
The Ghurk  again Thursday to Sunday for a clan holiday- lots to eat and drink, next year bring bikes
21/3 Had Ken/Brenda/Harry/Marilyn/Janine over for girls 10th for a BBQ- also shiraz harvest- not so good
20/3 Chazza also had a three friends over party- nice day. And Unca Bern dropped in too!
19/3 Em has three friends over for tenth BD. Janine took them shopping.
14/3 Dad dropped in on way to fishing at Eucumbene with his bros.
8/3 Pinot Noir Harvested- 2 litres must, first crop after 4 years waiting. Litre of Vinegar...
6/3 OG the olds are good, sis and lance are finally slabbed, AJ drove well, Bunnies good.
3/3/10 helped
at a Newry vineyard
2/3/10 picked and made up some wine

Orange sofas two of for 400, cheapies til later on, then the suede ones. Or a rocker.
18/2 Started another TAFE course Feb18, InfoTech Cert III February 2010, hopefully will power through.


Vintage 2010 started 2nd March this year with the Foxy Grapes harvested. Ended up with 11 litres of juice, maybe 3-5 litres of brandy too from the pomace and/or 'bad' wine. Well- pomace wine was Horrible. Pinot Noir turned into vinegar. Lost a lot of fruit from the shiraz potted vines- realised 7kg juice.

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Rainfall record of the  residential palace playground.
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Portable Vineyard.
I really enjoy a little drink, like Rockford Basket Press Shiraz, and making jam, sauce, chutney, and spirits and Beer

I' like Sci-Fi and spies, I really Like!
Windsurfing Some pics and if you want to Learn with me. Just have not been out since Winter 08, had a knee recon' and just bleedin' cannot get  the time, what with 4 ruggies and work and study. Stuff getting real dusty.

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