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Current Weather and trends and in Sale if I have the monitor system up and running.
This is my system out my back door  Since extended my mast a few feet to catch the wind better.
Australian Meteorological site local rain Radar BOM
cartoon- rain radar
Australian continent Lightning history [was here.]
90 Mile Beach Gippsland weather at nearby Paradise Beach
other country Victorian sites:  Ocean Grove trends Ballarat  Berwick  

Here is another fun site World Cloud Animation

Rainfall since 1999  

Since 1999 when my father-in-law Ken gave me a rain gauge, I have pretty well kept a constant record of rain fall on the backyard. I shall endeavour to keep this page updated. The gauge was affixed to the NE corner of the bungalow, about 2.5m up. Now it is on the clothes line where I can reach it easily instead!

Data goes into a spreadsheet, add additional information, graphed as follows of what has happened locally since 1999.



The rainiest months are April, and November.

From the graph below, the rainiest years are seen as 2007, driest 2006 and 2005.

Can anyone else offer an explanation for the cycle cribbed from the mean moving average?
I can make out a cycle of roughly three years, and decreasing peak trends...
















The Average Monthly rainfall is appearing to drop off since the mid 2000's in this graph.




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