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Vintage 2011

Varieties Foxy Grapes, Pinot Noir, Shiraz


This year I was going to be so careful. The portable vineyard ended up being about the same amount of pots of Shiraz, and two extra Pinot Noir pots- I thought the chardonnay I had was PN due to the berries not ripening to a red colour last year! There are five new shiraz pots, two which fruited a few small bunches. Next year, there will be about six more I should say. There are about a dozen yearlings(?) in the PV pots to separate out in winter, I think that was a bad idea- will try to use a greenhouse next year

Live and learn.
I still did not spray a lot, and as of middle of March, think that that was a bad idea too- some shiraz clusters were long but sparse, and some were easily rotted or insect affected. Again

Shiraz Yard 2011


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Foxy Garage Grapes

On 2 March 2011- brix approaching 20. The two bushes of this grape variety are so productive, and somewhat sickly sweet as you walk by.

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Pinot Noir

picked at 24 brix.

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picked at   brix.  on 21 March
lost a lot- again. Rot and heat.

Threw yeast dash of orange juice.

Will use a commercial yeast this time- 


Big Note to Self from last year- And ignored! Spary for insects.

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2010 Crop Production
Foxy Grapes- 22 kg, 11 l juice after "first pressing", 10 litres
Pinot Noir 2kg, 1.25l -
    I bottle Vinegar
Shiraz 8kg- 7.5l must.-
    -irrigation- 2 l / plant, 25 plants- 3 times a week-        150l/week
Fertiliser- 30 and compost
wires posts and netting- 5 , 15 and 50

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Fine Lemon Oil Distilling


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