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Vintage 2000

April, loads of wine fermenting and ageing! Last years grape style Needs sweetening but ok, and the apple wine is just right- cidery if anything. Plum wine is ok a Big Red wine.... another batch of
milk stout, better than the Feb.,  brew and new vines.


Made up I gallon of Ballarat Plum Wine- dry

From our Loquat Tree, managed to make up one and three quarter gallons of wine- not too bad!

The Fitzroy Plum tree yielded 18 kg of plums, so made up a batch- two and half gallons wine and a bunch of jam, sauce and chutney as well.
Bouquet and taste is of a cab-sav-shiraz style!

The Grape Vines on the garage produced near on 60 pounds- made up two and half gallons there.

The Apple tree produced a mighty yeild, and so have nearly four gallons out of that, in a cidery style wine.


The 6 New Shiraz Vines- bought from a place in Mildura I think, planted at summer. They were in little pots for a while as rootlings before transfer to the yard, two in front of the shed, and 4 along the back fence, as seen here

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