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Vintage 1999

Project- Wine Making At Home

I spent some considerable time making winery stuff in the shed last year.

Got some grapes and apples and honey and need a beer kit to start it all off, and , and, there you go, 4 dozen bottles wine and heaps of beer since March 1999, with Vintage 2000 still to be bottled.
A wine press and large bottles clutter up office, cellar and shed. Obviously need a Special Shed...

So, The 1999 Vintage  

Prepared a potential of 46 bottles, nearly 4 dozen for the princely sum of next to nothing for the main ingredients and setup costs: $615 which is about $13 per bottle for the vintage.
Started March 3rd, 1999, with the help of Paul at the Sale brew shop:
Results: Saturday November 14 1999 Racked off 42.5 bottles today.  And they taste alright too!
The last bottles are very cloudy,  but hopefully retrieve some of it one night for a small drink! So therefore $14.47 per bottle, (this year!): So the 1999 Wine Production Results:


Grape, white

Grape, red











Dregs (cloudy)

2 bottles





From 66 lb. of “Traminer”(?) Type Grapes, got: 1.5 gallons of a rose  type wine
And 2.3 gallons of a white variety
From 12 lb. Apples, got Equivalent to 10 bottles
From 3.5 lb. of my Dads 1997 Honey, got Equivalent to 6 bottles, added Kaffir Lime leaves and Lemon rind to initial fermentation- weird but nice.
From 2.5 lb. Blackberry Jam, got 1 gallon blackberry wine, topped up with 2.2 lb. dextrose, dry wine, water, extra yeast boost and nutrient, extra red wine added to top up until bottling. Equivalent to 6 bottles


Blackberry Wine from Jam that I made (earlier and could not get out of the JAR as cooked that little bit toooo long...) 
Heated it up and added glucose, boy did that make it sweet, and made up to about 3.5 liters, added yeast after a day, then topped up with red or white wines to a gallon after initial fermentation. Compared to the others, it is sweeter, or les dry anyway, and they Are or Were Dry


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