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Geology Career- Oil and Gas Exploration, 18 years


Currently- but also Available afterwards, consultant Wellsite Geologist for Woodside Energy off the Northwest Shelf, Western Australia since September 2014, last year 2014 for STATOIL in April-July  in Northern Territory, for QER near Longreach, for Strike Energy near the Strzlecki Creek/Track Crossing, and near Coopers Creek for Tellus/PNC, for Lakes Oil near Morwell Gippsland, and for Green Power Australia PL,
near Trafalgar, Gippsland.

Graduated Applied Science (Geology) 1983, started in Oil and Gas which meant: logging and sitting wells to identify productive zones via hand specimens, microscopy, fluoroscopy, chromatography, interpreting drilling parameters, from logs like gamma-ray, density, neutron and sonic via wireline or LWD- passing on recommendations or reports as needed as a geologist, analyst, and then as directional well surveyor, MWD and as a drilling tool operator on directional wells. Final position was LWD Field Engineer. End of field work due to family reasons.

Here is Australia and the list to most of the wells I have been on, and kmz reference file for Google Earth.

Maersk Valiant 1985, when I was a mudlogger.

Locations were around Australia and overseas in different areas of Oil and Gas Exploration

This is my CV
I appreciate your taking the time to review my resume. If you feel that your company is in need of someone with my background, I would enjoy talking about any opportunities. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that we may discuss the possibilities in detail.


I don't know how this was referenced, but so what, it was #6 in a google search for this site!
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"Reunite Gondwanaland"
was the Bendigo CAE T-shirt logo for a number of years -late 70's-early

Also via http://dbforms.ga.gov.au/www/npm.well.search- some data on wells have my name buried in the Esso Bass Strait wells- in the header of tiff files in the WCR, or parts of the added Well Completion Reports referenced in my Google Earth Wells I have Been on Picture- above


trading as TONY FORD

ABN 13797801527


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