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My Old Scout Group -  2nd Mornington Sea Scouts, Scout Hall beach, Mornington, Mornington Peninsular, Victoria, Australia

As mentioned, Griff Rhys Jones was in Honkers recently, and visited a place- The Scouts Hotel with a pic of Baden Powell in the foyer! Any scouts can stay there I imagine.

Anyway, here is a few pics from my Scouting past, with a bloke not that much older than me, Roger Gully.

The Scout Hall Beach, Mornington, Mornington Peninsular, Victoria, with Scoutleaders and Venturers on the beach- with some constructions out in the reef mouth. having been taken during the 70s, there was a nice little rocky reef enclosing a good area to rig sailing boats and the rowinf boats. iFurther out another sandbank made a good place to practic\se surfing in the bay when the Northerlies came in, I mean IN. Plenty of the yachts n\moored out fut\rther sometimes were beached here or on the other beaches- Shirehall to the right Mothers Beach (left)


Garry Cizzio, Roger Gully, Kim Anderson Scot, Steven Birchall, Chris Anderson.
On top of Mt Cathedral, about 1977/78. Another 2nd Mornington Sea Scout inland excursion and Achievment. of course. 

Kim Anderson at the left. Garry Cizzio standing, with Mark Scott resting, my brother Peter ready to say "get up MFs", and Roger Gully and Paul Scott back of Garry. There was some Guides in the party too, Sue Gully and Sue ---, Heather



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