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Home brews 
In April 1999 I made my first homebrew ever. it was a copy of the Whitbread Milk Stout and since a few different beers rather bloody successfully, some exploding in various places.* Up to now, been making about one batch a year, slacking off!
What I don't really understand is that why doesn't everybody do it?
It is really bloody cheap after the initial setup and ubiquitous bottle scrounging and cleaning.
I used to really enjoy having a bottle or stubby with a meal.
Thanks should go to Paul who used to run Sale's Gippsland Brewing and Hydroponics 1999 for all his tips and encouragement to start me off.

Chocolate Milk Stout
Boil and use liqor from a kilo of chocolate malt grains.
Add 300gm lactose and one can of stout mixture with maybe a bag of stout enhancer.
Simmer all for a few hours, then rack off to a brew barrel to ferment for a week & then rack off again, then a week later make up the bottles.

* for about 30 or 40? brews, only lost, so far, two little crown bottles in the cellar, and about 4 in the alcoholery...
*last place to leave fresh brewed beer and three long-necks is in the car, an awful bang, and "what the hell, a road bump? I hope?" *Uh-oh; "What is that smell Daddy?"
*And a classic on a windsurfing coaching camp at Camp Manyung, Mt.Eliza.  Just got there and unloaded some stuff and some bottles at the front door. One long neck exploded at the back of a room full of people, who were concentrating on a guy's introduction out front of us. Unfortunately, the smell of the stout on the carpet stayed  with us for the rest of the weekend...


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